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Bonding and knowledge

What you need to know about flying squirrels and how to have them bond with you.

To make your flying squirrel the perfect pet you need to have them bond with you.There are a few ways to do that.
#1 You can get a bonding bag and carry the squirrel around with you for several hours, and handle them a lot
#2 You can place the squirrel under your shirt and let them run around, and handle them a lot 
Give them a 1/2 of a pecan for treat after working with them.

There are some things you should know and do when raising a flying squirrel.
-Flying Squirrels are nocturnal (they sleep during the day) but they don't mind being woke up a couple times a day. The best time to handle them is at night.
-When handling your flying squirrel you should be in  a closed room that is flyer safe. NEVER take them outside!
-Once they have bonded with you they will become the perfect pet.
-Flying Squirrels can fly 150' or more for every 50' they are high.
-Flying squirrels don't actually fly they glide.
-Flying squirrels naturally have the softest fur you have ever felt.
-To not get bit, don't grab your squirrel like a rat. Gently cup your hands and scoop them up.
-They can live up to 15 years with the right care.